Trashy Bridal Shower Themes

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Here it is, the bridal shower themes some ladies love and some hate, the trashy bridal shower. Trashy bridal showers can be either a huge hit or a total flop. The key to throwing a successful bridal shower is knowing what will go over well with the bride because it’s her day, no one else’s so if she isn’t happy then you’re up creek without a paddle. Continue reading to know all about trashy bridal shower themes that will be a huge success.

If you decide to throw a trashy bridal shower then you need to know you’re in good company. If you think it is a joke then make sure people know it’s a joke. You don’t want your bride or any of your guests to think that you’re patronizing them. Bridal shower themes should be fun, so if there is a hint of truth in there then it may be insulting. Having a trashy bridal shower wherein you’re poking fun at things may not go over well if you’re actually in the company of people you may be making fun of.

If you decide you’re going for the trashy bridal shower themes anyway then some great ways to do it include giving out joke gifts such NASCAR hats, having a bucket full of 40’s, plenty of fake teeth and serving pulled pork and corn on the cob. If you want to go all out you need to think about trashing it up. The great bridal shower themes are not ones that do one little thing; they must go all out in whatever style they’ve chosen.

If you choose trashy bridal shower themes for the shower then go all out, from what kind of food you’re eating to what everyone is drinking to the types of decorations. You also want to host a trashy bridal shower in a trashy place. Why not have it in a backyard or at a public park. While it may seem ridiculous at first when people get to the bridal shower and realize that bridal shower themes such as trashy ones are actually fun everyone will have a blast.

A great thing about trashy bridal shower themes is that it can end up costing very little. If you’re poking fun at the whole concept then buying some friend chicken and 40’s won’t be nearly as expensive as more traditional bridal shower themes that involve wine, cheese, salmon and prawns. The trashy bridal shower themes can really be a blessing in disguise if you plan them correctly and use your imagination!

From a redneck themed bridal shower to a skanky themed bridal shower remember to go all out with your bridal shower themes. One key thing to remember is to pick a great location and serve great food and drinks according to the theme. Just cause you end up with trashy bridal shower themes doesn’t mean you have to serve bad food, get amazing friend chicken and sides so its not just a joke, but actually a good time! If having a trashy bridal shower isn’t your cup of tea, why don’t you keep reading more for classy bridal shower themes!

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