Traditional Bridal Shower Themes

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One of the most popular bridal shower themes is the classical and elegant bridal shower. We’ll get into different ideas for the classical bridal shower as well as places to hold the bridal shower. If you’re looking for something that can and will be a hit with just about any bride without the risk of her absolutely hating it, going the classical way and throwing bridal shower like this is a guaranteed success. While it may not be the most entertaining of bridal shower themes it won’t be hated.

Classical bridal shower themes evoke visions of ladies on a spring Sunday sitting around drinking champagne or juice and talking. Mild and passive yet entertaining and critical. The classical bridal shower themes are more reserved, they are a gathering, almost a formality. If you have a bride who isn’t looking for anything outlandish or spectacular going for classical bridal shower themes may be the way to go.

Bridal shower themes that are more classical in nature usually will tend to be relaxed at the maid of honors house or the house of a friend. Guest will arrive with small token presents for the bride and talk. Many times these bridal shower themes will also include potentially going out for lunch or a relatively passive event, such as a tennis match or party. The great thing is you don’t need to match up your gift to the theme, so if you do find yourself at a classical bridal shower and think the joke gift you got is inappropriate think again, and vice versa!

Of the great bridal shower themes, one of the classics that is ALWAYS a hit is the wine and cheese theme. Having a nice selection of wines and a great cheese spread is a surefire hit for your bridal shower. A classical theme such as this will evoke the guest to bring small gifts but not trashy joke gifts. If this is the type of theme that you think your bride will like then traditional bridal shower themes may be the way to go. When the bride gets gifts the bride is happy.

Speaking of bridal shower themes that evoke gift giving, try giving the theme a traditional flare. To evoke gifts for say a new kitchen have a kitchen theme or a baking theme or a garden theme. Bridal shower themes such as this will evoke gift giving from the guest according to the theme. If the bride to be is remodeling their home, have a remodeling theme. If they are avid gardeners have a garden bridal shower theme in which people will bring gifts for the garden.

Finding great bridal shower themes requires thinking about what you’re bride enjoys doing. Going this traditional route for bridal shower themes will never go wrong. You can easily please the bride to be if you find what she likes to do and build a theme around it. Just ensure that you talk with your bride and see what she may be interested in, so if she wants a fun upbeat bridal shower, you give it to her! Continue reading on for more bridal shower themes!

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