Classy Bridal Shower Themes

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There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to the classy bridal shower themes. You first need to know what your bride wants because if you end up having an extremely classy bridal shower and you could of gotten away with just a relaxed get together you’ll be kicking yourself. We’re going to go through and give you some great ideas for classy bridal shower themes!

First things first if you decide to go the route of the classy bridal shower themes then know this: it’s going to cost you. While you cannot buy style and class, giving an air of it will cost money. Bridal shower themes revolve around the atmosphere of the bridal shower so make sure you choose your location accordingly. While you don’t have to go all out and rent the tennis club or the yacht club, finding a great place to host the bridal shower is critical.

You can even have a classy bridal shower in someone’s garden or if you find a friend of the bride with a unique home. If you want classy bridal shower themes you must have a classy location. Don’t do it in your basement or backyard. Many times renting a club or area for a bridal shower isn’t too expensive if you can book it enough ahead of time. Ambiance is key for classy bridal shower themes.

Another thing about a classy bridal shower is paying attention to the food you’re serving. Classy bridal shower themes won’t have fish and grits. They’ll have wine, cheese, champagne and hors d’oeuvres. To set the tone immediately for a classy bridal shower, send out classy invitations. Sending out classy or elegant invitations will encourage people to dress up as it sets the mood. The mood is what you need for bridal shower themes.

Games and prizes for bridal shower themes such as this must be fun however. Many times a classy bridal shower will feel stifled and cramped, exactly what you don’t want. To keep the mood light, find some great games so people aren’t watching the clock just itching to leave. Lighthearted games and activities will keep your classy bridal shower themes a huge hit!

Hopefully if you’ve got the time and the money you can throw a classy bridal shower. Just remember that when trying to decide upon bridal shower themes it’s all in the presentation. From the invitations you send to the tone your set, you get to decide how the environment of the bridal shower looks and feels. Make sure you decide with your bride exactly what you want and you’ll end up with bridal shower themes you can both agree on!

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