Bridal Shower Themes – The Basics

September 11th, 2010 by admin

Is it coming up quickly on your bridal shower and you still haven’t decided on bridal shower themes? Maybe you’re the maid of honor and have yet to even BEGIN researching what to do for your leading ladies bridal shower. Well fear not because us here at are coming to the rescue! We will not only go over all the basics of bridal shower themes, but we’ll get in depth into different styles and ideas for the perfect bridal shower!

First things first before we dive into different ideas for bridal shower themes, you need to understand the basics. A bridal shower is supposed to be fun, it’s a time when all the ladies get together and talk, drink and have a good time. First things first though before you decide on bridal shower themes you should know when to actually have your bridal shower. The ideal time to have a bridal shower is 6 weeks before the wedding day. So plan well in the future of this date as well. Weddings can be a fun, yet very stressful time, so plan ahead!

Deciding between bridal shower themes well in advance is also critical so that you can inform the guest of the theme as most of the time this denotes what time of gift to give. It will also set the entire mood of the upcoming wedding so think long and hard about the type of message you want to put out there to all your guest and visitors and pay close attention to what you think the bride will want.

Once you’ve decided on a date and what type of theme to have you should decide if you’re wanting to have a goofy or joke bridal shower or if you want a bridal shower theme that is a bit classier. It is important to think about this before choosing between bridal shower themes as it can determine where you have the bridal shower, what you do and who comes to the bridal shower.

Take the time to think about the theme and be very creative, you want to have fun, not a stifling time. You want your lady friends to leave happy that they came and not dread the bridal shower. While yes this can vary on what the bride wants, try and keep the party fun, and the first place to set the mood is by choosing between great bridal shower themes.

Now that you know when to have the bridal shower and what you’re getting yourself into, its time to delve into the variety of bridal shower themes. I’m going to allow you to browse through the variety of post on this site and then look through the different bridal shower themes until you find the perfect one to match the wedding. Good luck!

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