Bridal Shower Themes – The Basics

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Is it coming up quickly on your bridal shower and you still haven’t decided on bridal shower themes? Maybe you’re the maid of honor and have yet to even BEGIN researching what to do for your leading ladies bridal shower. Well fear not because us here at are coming to the rescue! We will not only go over all the basics of bridal shower themes, but we’ll get in depth into different styles and ideas for the perfect bridal shower!

First things first before we dive into different ideas for bridal shower themes, you need to understand the basics. A bridal shower is supposed to be fun, it’s a time when all the ladies get together and talk, drink and have a good time. First things first though before you decide on bridal shower themes you should know when to actually have your bridal shower. The ideal time to have a bridal shower is 6 weeks before the wedding day. So plan well in the future of this date as well. Weddings can be a fun, yet very stressful time, so plan ahead!

Deciding between bridal shower themes well in advance is also critical so that you can inform the guest of the theme as most of the time this denotes what time of gift to give. It will also set the entire mood of the upcoming wedding so think long and hard about the type of message you want to put out there to all your guest and visitors and pay close attention to what you think the bride will want.

Once you’ve decided on a date and what type of theme to have you should decide if you’re wanting to have a goofy or joke bridal shower or if you want a bridal shower theme that is a bit classier. It is important to think about this before choosing between bridal shower themes as it can determine where you have the bridal shower, what you do and who comes to the bridal shower.

Take the time to think about the theme and be very creative, you want to have fun, not a stifling time. You want your lady friends to leave happy that they came and not dread the bridal shower. While yes this can vary on what the bride wants, try and keep the party fun, and the first place to set the mood is by choosing between great bridal shower themes.

Now that you know when to have the bridal shower and what you’re getting yourself into, its time to delve into the variety of bridal shower themes. I’m going to allow you to browse through the variety of post on this site and then look through the different bridal shower themes until you find the perfect one to match the wedding. Good luck!

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Traditional Bridal Shower Themes

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One of the most popular bridal shower themes is the classical and elegant bridal shower. We’ll get into different ideas for the classical bridal shower as well as places to hold the bridal shower. If you’re looking for something that can and will be a hit with just about any bride without the risk of her absolutely hating it, going the classical way and throwing bridal shower like this is a guaranteed success. While it may not be the most entertaining of bridal shower themes it won’t be hated.

Classical bridal shower themes evoke visions of ladies on a spring Sunday sitting around drinking champagne or juice and talking. Mild and passive yet entertaining and critical. The classical bridal shower themes are more reserved, they are a gathering, almost a formality. If you have a bride who isn’t looking for anything outlandish or spectacular going for classical bridal shower themes may be the way to go.

Bridal shower themes that are more classical in nature usually will tend to be relaxed at the maid of honors house or the house of a friend. Guest will arrive with small token presents for the bride and talk. Many times these bridal shower themes will also include potentially going out for lunch or a relatively passive event, such as a tennis match or party. The great thing is you don’t need to match up your gift to the theme, so if you do find yourself at a classical bridal shower and think the joke gift you got is inappropriate think again, and vice versa!

Of the great bridal shower themes, one of the classics that is ALWAYS a hit is the wine and cheese theme. Having a nice selection of wines and a great cheese spread is a surefire hit for your bridal shower. A classical theme such as this will evoke the guest to bring small gifts but not trashy joke gifts. If this is the type of theme that you think your bride will like then traditional bridal shower themes may be the way to go. When the bride gets gifts the bride is happy.

Speaking of bridal shower themes that evoke gift giving, try giving the theme a traditional flare. To evoke gifts for say a new kitchen have a kitchen theme or a baking theme or a garden theme. Bridal shower themes such as this will evoke gift giving from the guest according to the theme. If the bride to be is remodeling their home, have a remodeling theme. If they are avid gardeners have a garden bridal shower theme in which people will bring gifts for the garden.

Finding great bridal shower themes requires thinking about what you’re bride enjoys doing. Going this traditional route for bridal shower themes will never go wrong. You can easily please the bride to be if you find what she likes to do and build a theme around it. Just ensure that you talk with your bride and see what she may be interested in, so if she wants a fun upbeat bridal shower, you give it to her! Continue reading on for more bridal shower themes!

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Trashy Bridal Shower Themes

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Here it is, the bridal shower themes some ladies love and some hate, the trashy bridal shower. Trashy bridal showers can be either a huge hit or a total flop. The key to throwing a successful bridal shower is knowing what will go over well with the bride because it’s her day, no one else’s so if she isn’t happy then you’re up creek without a paddle. Continue reading to know all about trashy bridal shower themes that will be a huge success.

If you decide to throw a trashy bridal shower then you need to know you’re in good company. If you think it is a joke then make sure people know it’s a joke. You don’t want your bride or any of your guests to think that you’re patronizing them. Bridal shower themes should be fun, so if there is a hint of truth in there then it may be insulting. Having a trashy bridal shower wherein you’re poking fun at things may not go over well if you’re actually in the company of people you may be making fun of.

If you decide you’re going for the trashy bridal shower themes anyway then some great ways to do it include giving out joke gifts such NASCAR hats, having a bucket full of 40’s, plenty of fake teeth and serving pulled pork and corn on the cob. If you want to go all out you need to think about trashing it up. The great bridal shower themes are not ones that do one little thing; they must go all out in whatever style they’ve chosen.

If you choose trashy bridal shower themes for the shower then go all out, from what kind of food you’re eating to what everyone is drinking to the types of decorations. You also want to host a trashy bridal shower in a trashy place. Why not have it in a backyard or at a public park. While it may seem ridiculous at first when people get to the bridal shower and realize that bridal shower themes such as trashy ones are actually fun everyone will have a blast.

A great thing about trashy bridal shower themes is that it can end up costing very little. If you’re poking fun at the whole concept then buying some friend chicken and 40’s won’t be nearly as expensive as more traditional bridal shower themes that involve wine, cheese, salmon and prawns. The trashy bridal shower themes can really be a blessing in disguise if you plan them correctly and use your imagination!

From a redneck themed bridal shower to a skanky themed bridal shower remember to go all out with your bridal shower themes. One key thing to remember is to pick a great location and serve great food and drinks according to the theme. Just cause you end up with trashy bridal shower themes doesn’t mean you have to serve bad food, get amazing friend chicken and sides so its not just a joke, but actually a good time! If having a trashy bridal shower isn’t your cup of tea, why don’t you keep reading more for classy bridal shower themes!

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Classy Bridal Shower Themes

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There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to the classy bridal shower themes. You first need to know what your bride wants because if you end up having an extremely classy bridal shower and you could of gotten away with just a relaxed get together you’ll be kicking yourself. We’re going to go through and give you some great ideas for classy bridal shower themes!

First things first if you decide to go the route of the classy bridal shower themes then know this: it’s going to cost you. While you cannot buy style and class, giving an air of it will cost money. Bridal shower themes revolve around the atmosphere of the bridal shower so make sure you choose your location accordingly. While you don’t have to go all out and rent the tennis club or the yacht club, finding a great place to host the bridal shower is critical.

You can even have a classy bridal shower in someone’s garden or if you find a friend of the bride with a unique home. If you want classy bridal shower themes you must have a classy location. Don’t do it in your basement or backyard. Many times renting a club or area for a bridal shower isn’t too expensive if you can book it enough ahead of time. Ambiance is key for classy bridal shower themes.

Another thing about a classy bridal shower is paying attention to the food you’re serving. Classy bridal shower themes won’t have fish and grits. They’ll have wine, cheese, champagne and hors d’oeuvres. To set the tone immediately for a classy bridal shower, send out classy invitations. Sending out classy or elegant invitations will encourage people to dress up as it sets the mood. The mood is what you need for bridal shower themes.

Games and prizes for bridal shower themes such as this must be fun however. Many times a classy bridal shower will feel stifled and cramped, exactly what you don’t want. To keep the mood light, find some great games so people aren’t watching the clock just itching to leave. Lighthearted games and activities will keep your classy bridal shower themes a huge hit!

Hopefully if you’ve got the time and the money you can throw a classy bridal shower. Just remember that when trying to decide upon bridal shower themes it’s all in the presentation. From the invitations you send to the tone your set, you get to decide how the environment of the bridal shower looks and feels. Make sure you decide with your bride exactly what you want and you’ll end up with bridal shower themes you can both agree on!

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Fun Bridal Shower Themes

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Fun bridal shower themes can get you a long way, but many times the bride may just not want one. But what exactly are fun bridal showers? You may think all bridal showers are fun but many times people are just ready to leave as soon as they get there. Setting the mood and atmosphere of your bridal shower is critical, we’re going to get into the different kinds of bridal shower themes that will ensure that you and your guest have a great time!

First things first, lets define fun. Many people would define fun as sitting around talking and drinking on a Sunday afternoon. While yes this can be a great decision for bridal shower themes it will be just like every other shower. Why not have a bit more fun by doing something wild and crazy with your bridal shower guest? Before you choose between crazy bridal shower themes ensure that your bride will be down for it, or else no one will have a good time.

One great thing about fun bridal shower themes is that they can end up saving a ton of money. Doing something outdoors or adventurous for your bridal shower such as rock climbing or go kart riding will end up costing exponentially less than renting a yacht or room at the tennis club. Not only that but your guest will inherently have fun, no matter the style. IF you feel like choosing bridal shower themes is like pulling teeth then having an adventure oriented bridal shower theme may be for you.

Other than that with fun bridal shower themes you get the advantage of having a central mode of entertainment. What does this mean? It means that no matter the background of your guest, even if they’re from all different walks of life then you have a focus. If all your guest are focused on some adventure then they will bond naturally and organically.

Having fun with your bridal shower themes is critical and having them revolve around a central activity can be great to help break the ice. Some ideas for this can also include overall entertainment areas such as locations where they have go kart riding, rock climbing, batting cages and so on. You do want to ensure that your bride would enjoy a bridal shower theme such as this or else you could end up with one bored bride and guest.

Whatever bridal shower themes you end up finalizing it is critical to go all out. The theme sets the mood for the entire shower so starting early is critical. Start off with invitations that reflect the overall style of the bridal shower and you have the perfect shower. If you truly want great bridal shower themes than it is critical to take your time, research and agree on what is most fitting for all parties interested then go all out and make it happen!

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